The Sharing Community began in 1983 as a coordinated response by community and religious groups to the rising tide of poverty and homelessness in the Getty Square area of southwest Yonkers. Led by St. John’s Episcopal Church, Getty Square, and St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, we established a community-based soup kitchen and homeless shelter program in space borrowed from community churches. Over the years, the simple soup kitchen and shelter for the homeless moved into its own facility and quickly expanded the array of services we offered to meet the changing needs of the communities of southwest Yonkers.

An independent nonprofit corporation since 1984, The Sharing Community currently offers permanent and transitional housing, nineteen bed shelter for men, emergency sleep site services, harm reduction counseling, prevention interventions and education.

Our central service center at 1 Hudson Street offers a comprehensive array of services which now includes food, housing and eviction prevention. As we continue to deliver services to people in need throughout southwest Yonkers, we strengthen the relationships we’ve made over the years and continue to grow together and connect as a community.

The Sharing Community does much of its work in collaboration with individuals in the community, with small community and faith-based groups, with other nonprofit organizations, and with public agencies. These partnerships are complex collaborations among diverse entities, but with similar commitments. They enable each of us to do what we do well and to “de-fragment” the system. More importantly, they enable us to expand the breadth and depths of services available to the people we serve.

Annual Report