Permanent Housing

The Sharing Community provides housing to 150 formerly homeless clients, in a variety of settings. The common denominator is that each program is structured to try to help these clients to avoid a return to homelessness, and enable each to live more independently.

Travers House

Located at 100 Vark Street, Travers House was built by The Sharing Community in 1995. It provides shared apartment living for 30 formerly homeless clients. Case management and rent subsidies are also included. Travers House is named after Francis Travers, a Deputy Chief of the Yonkers Fire Department, and a longtime member of our Board of Directors.


Locust Hill

Located on Locust Hill Avenue, this facility was built by The Sharing Community in 1997. It provides permanent housing for 20 formerly homeless clients. The building is predominately studio apartments for single men and women, with several larger apartments designed for families. Case Management and rental subsidies are included. Special eligibility requirements apply.


Broadway Manor (Manor House)

In 1997 The Sharing Community began leasing this renovated historic building on North Broadway. It provided single room occupancy for 26 formerly homeless clients. Currently this building has undergone major renovations as it is being use as an emergency drop in sleep site for both men and women.