Community Partners

By its nature, our work is a collaboration, a partnership, a living, breathing relationship. This is especially true in the case of the various collaborators with whom we do our work. Several of these deserve special mention.

Dr. Elaine Williams

Board Certified Podiatrist, Affiliated with Montefiore Medical Center

Thorough foot exam. Toenail clippings. Callous removal. Comprehensive diabetic foot examination and circulation test. Pain cream for foot pain delivered to patient (or dropped to facility for pick up). Fungal cream for toenails delivered to patient (or dropped to facility for pick up). Dry skin cream delivered to patient (or dropped to facility for pick up). Braces including ankle braces, knee braces, etc. Custom foot orthotics for maximum comfort and orthopedic shoes.

We will coordinate with ShopRite across the street to donate snacks and beverages for everyone coming to see the foot doctor. Schedule time and write referrals for more serious foot issues and surgeries to Montefiore or St. John’s Medical Centers.

Write prescriptions for any medications needed based on observations by Dr. Williams at time of visit.

We will provide a representative from one of the major healthcare insurance carriers such as Healthfirst or Wellcare to help patients who are not insured get coverage which will help with their healthcare needs.

Offer follow up visits for patients who require it.

Choice of New Rochelle
Jamillah Blair
Director of Outreach & Intake

Tamara Caines
Outreach Worker

71 North Ave
New Rochelle, NY 10801
(914) 576-0173 x125

Department of Social Services

We partner with them and accept people who are seeking job readiness skills by interning in specific positions throughout The Sharing Community by engaging in the Community Work Experience Program (CWEP). The CWEP program has lead to many participants becoming either part or full time employed in the community. CWEP participants are limited to non-profit organizations or community agencies that provide direct community service. Programs must include structured activities that provide both a community service and improve the employability of CWEP participants.